This website was conceived as a way of collecting and making more data about Backdrop CMS contributed projects available than one is easily able to get from either Github or 

It is hoped that this website might serve a couple of purposes.

  1. As a laboratory to test ideas that can later be implemented on
  2. As a warehouse for data about Backdrop CMS contributed projects. 

We have created an issue queue in an empty Github repository where anyone can post ideas, suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports. 

  1. Issue Queue


The following fields can be edited or updated by any member of the community with an account on this site. 

  1. Maintainers
  2. Seeking Maintainers (checkbox)
  3. Community Tags
  4. Community Comments/Notes

Anyone with an account is able to edit these fields for any project. Please, create and account and help us keep this information up-to-date.