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Adds the ability to create an exposed filter block for block view displays.

Views, Utility, Filters
2 S3 File System

Adds Amazon Simple Storage Service as a Default download method option.

Developer Tools, Development, Third Party Integrations
3 S3 File System Migrate

S3FS Migrate allows migrating existing locally stored files to S3.

4 noderefcreate

Node Reference Create is an enhancement to the nodereference autocomplete widget that allows users to reference non-existent nodes.

5 Text Resize

The Text Resize module creates a block with links that use jQuery to resize text within the specified DIV.

6 Site Alert

Simple module to display text alert site wide.

7 jQuery Countdown Timer

This module provides a block with a jQuery countdown timer.

8 Do a barrel roll

Make your Backdrop site do a barrel roll like Google.