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Adds the ability to create an exposed filter block for block view displays.

Views, Utility, Filters
2 Views Bulk Operations

Augments Views by allowing bulk operations (provided by Backdrop's core, this module, Rules, or custom actions) to be executed on the displayed rows.

3 Eva

Provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached to the content of any Backdrop entity.

Entity, Views
4 Views Conditional Views
5 Webform Views Select

This module will allow you populate a webform select component with data from a view.

Webform, Views
6 Views Parity Row

Provides a views row plugin to alternate between 2 display modes

7 Views Aggregator Plus

Aggregates views results after performing database query

8 Views Flipped Table

This module provides a views table style with the rows and columns flipped.

Views, Appearance, Data, Structure
9 Editable Views

Create Views where the fields can be edited.

Views, User Interface
10 Menu Views

Allows menu items to render views instead of links.

Menus, Views
11 Default Views Convert to Config

This module produces Backdrop-compatible config code from Drupal 7 hook_views_default_views() code.

Views, Data Migration, Developer Tools, Drupal 7 Upgrade
12 Views Menu Children Filter

Contextual filter to Views that will retrieve a menu item's "child" content.

Views, Menu
13 Masonry Views

This modules defines a masonry grid view style using Masonry API module.

User Interface, Views
14 Views Grouping Row Limit

This is a basic Views style plugin that allows for a limit on the number of rows displayed within a grouping field.

15 Views term hierarchy

Provides views handler to sort terms in hierarchical order

16 Better Exposed Filters

Replaces the Views single-select or multi-select elements with radio buttons or checkboxes, respectively.

Views, Filters
17 Views System

Extends the Views module and provides fields, filter criteria, and sort criteria for Modules/Themes/Theme engines.

18 Salvattore Views

CSS Driven Masonry

Views, jQuery
19 Views Slideshow

Create slideshows of any content in a View.

Gallery / Slideshow, Photo Display, Views
20 Token embed views

This module allows embedding views by using tokens.

Views, Tokens
21 Views Calc Distinct

Correctly calculates totals for views with Distinct option.

22 Views Photo Grid

Backdrop port of Views Photo Grid module for Drupal 7.

Appearance, Images, Photo Display, Theme Enhancements, Views
23 Views summarize

Displays summaries of the data in a column on the last row.