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1 B21

A minimalistic pastel-colored theme


Adds the ability to create an exposed filter block for block view displays.

Views, Utility, Filters
3 Monochrome

No color, no distraction. With a dark mode.

4 Opera

A flexible theme designed to create a stack of blocks on front page with full width background colors.

5 Snazzy

Theme for Backdrop CMS

6 Views Parity Row

Provides a views row plugin to alternate between 2 display modes

7 Adminimal

Minimalist administration theme.

No README. No Releases.
8 Aberdeen

A simple design that balances soft, neutral background colors, plenty of whitespace and big nice typography.


Placeholder for

No project. This is just a placeholder for:
10 Shasetsu

A magazine-like Backdrop theme

11 Lateral

Backdrop CMS theme

12 Pelerine

Backdrop CMS theme with fancy color backgrounds

13 Color Variables

A theme that demonstrates how to use CSS variables to provide simple color support.

Learning, CSS, Appearance
14 Lumi

A modern, customisable admin theme for Backdrop.

15 Thesis

Thesis extends Basis, the default theme in Backdrop.

16 Corporate KISS

Clean, light weight theme thats good for business use

17 Boilerplate

Based on the excellent HTML5 Boilerplate template, this theme was built to be a lean responsive design base theme with heavy SASS support. Inspired by the Basic, Boron, Zen, Panopoly, and Sassy themes.

18 minicss

The basic theme for Backdrop CMS built with mini.css

19 Tatsu

A basic flexible theme inspired by Basis theme in Backdrop CMS Core

20 Borg

The (base) theme used on and associated websites.

21 Sora

Backdrop CMS

22 Basicolor

Subtheme of Basis, the default Backdrop theme, with color support

Does Basis now have color support by default?
23 Pretty in Purple

A simple theme with purple accents.

24 Mero

Simple theme, similar to Wordpress 2015

25 Afterlight Tribute

A stylish theme for Backdrop CMS based on

26 GDI_Tribute

GDI Tribute is a theme for any organization based on

27 Bootstrap Lite

Bootstrap Lite - a Backdrop Bootstrap-based theme.

28 Colihaut Theme
29 ZURB Foundation 6

This theme uses the full-featured Foundation 6 CSS/Javascript framework from Zurb for a base theme.

30 Basis (Contrib)

Candidate for new default theme in Backdrop

Unsupported, Theme
31 Teamwork 15

Teamwork_15 is a straight-forward starter theme for non-profits/organizations but not currently supported for BD 1.4+

32 Materialize

This full-featured theme is based on Google's Material Design and

33 User Disk Quota

:black_square_button: Backdrop port of the User Disk Quota module for Drupal.

34 ZURB Foundation 5

This theme uses the full-featured Foundation 5 CSS/Javascript framework from ZURB for a base theme but not currently supported for BD 1.4+

35 News Arrow

This is a black and white blank canvas theme using Pure CSS by Yahoo! for more mobile friendly page elements

36 Cleanish Theme

Port of Drupal Clean theme

37 Summer Fun

Summer Fun is a sand-coloured "pretty" theme for something nice out of the box. It has a rounded, happy feel and is probably good for blogs or websites with a fun, breezy tone.

38 Wormhole

Wormhole - a shortcut made possible by a singularity

39 Scenery

Adaptable theme with different sceneries, easy to configure

40 Bootstrap 5 Lite Appearance
41 Info Tester theme. This theme is only for testing Backdrop CMS info file parsing capability Dont bother trying to install it, it does nothing useful.
42 Axioma

Backdrop CMS theme

43 Seventy

Seventy extends Seven, the default administration theme in Backdrop.