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1 Feeds entity processor

Create feeds importers to feed any core or custom entity.

Data Migration, Feeds, Developer Tools NOTE: This project doesn't yet have a release, as it's being blocked by issue 108 in Feeds.
2 Default Views Convert to Config

This module produces Backdrop-compatible config code from Drupal 7 hook_views_default_views() code.

Views, Data Migration, Developer Tools, Drupal 7 Upgrade

BIEN ~ Backdrop Import Export Nodes allows you to import and export content from your site.

Data Migration
4 Feeds

Import or aggregate data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records.

Data Migration, Developer Tools, Utility
5 Services

A standardized solution for building API's so that external clients can communicate with Backdrop.

API, Data Migration, developer, Developer Tools
6 Drupal to Backdrop Migrate Data Migration, developer, Utility