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1 Entity Plus CMI

API to store configuration entities as config files.

2 Entity reference prepopulate

Allow prepopulating any Entity reference field via URL

Entity reference, Entity
3 Eva

Provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached to the content of any Backdrop entity.

Entity, Views
4 Registration Conference, Entity, Special Event, users
5 Entity Tokens

Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API.

Entity, Tokens
6 Replicate

Provides an API to duplicate / clone an entity.

Entity, Duplication
7 Entity Pager

Provides next and previous navigation on entities.

Entity, Site Navigation, Structure
8 Entity Plus

This module wraps in a variety of additional entity-related functionality from various sources.

9 Entity UI

Port to Backdrop of the UI functionality of Drupal's Entity API

10 View Mode Selector

Port of the Drupal view_mode_selector module to Backdrop

11 Reference to EntityReference Field Migration

Migrate References module fields (node and user references) to Entity Reference fields.

Entity, Fields