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1 Webform Submissions Bulk Delete

Delete webform submissions within a given date range.

Administration, Webform
2 WebForm 2 PDF

An extension of the Webform module that can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of a form submission.

PDF, Webform
3 Webform Views Select

This module will allow you populate a webform select component with data from a view.

Webform, Views
4 Webform Calculator

Provides a 'formula' webform component for computed values.

5 Webform References

Provides a webform component to reference a node, term and user in webform.

6 Webform Registration

Allow Webforms to register users

Webform, Registration, User accounts
7 Webform Select2

This Backdrop module adds select2 widget to all select elements in a webform.

8 Webform Validation

Allows you to specify validation rules for your webform components.

Webform, Validation
9 Webform

For making surveys and forms in Backdrop.

10 Webform Remote Post

BackdropCMS port of the Webform Remote Post module for Drupal 7

Webform, Third Party Integrations