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1 Auto Purge Users Administration, Account Management, Spam control
2 SSH public keys

Manages OpenSSH public keys for Backdrop site accounts.

Developer Tools, Administration, Access
3 Login Links

Displays a login link for each user on your site.

Login, Administration, Access, Account Management
4 Unused

Displays a report of unused modules on your site.

Administration, Developer Tools
5 Webform Submissions Bulk Delete

Delete webform submissions within a given date range.

Administration, Webform
6 Link checker

Checks for broken links in content.

7 User Prune

Delete inactive users in batches based on criteria.

accounts, Administration, users
8 Module filter

Filter the modules list

Administration, developer, Filters
9 Real Name

Port of Drupal 7 Real Name module to Backdrop

Administration, User Management
10 Delete All

Admin tool to bulk delete content, taxonomy terms, and users.

Content, Administration
11 Dblog Page Split

Backdrop CMS module that puts the "Clear log messages" form on an extra page.

Administration, User Interface, Logging
12 Preset API

An API that provides a user interface for managing configuration presets.

13 Role delegation

Grant specific roles the authority to assign selected roles to users, without them needing the administer permissions permission.

Access, Administration, Permissions, users
14 Dashboard Plus

Some additional blocks for the administrative dashboard on Backdrop CMS

Dashboard, blocks, Editors, Administration
15 Extended image module (EIM)

Allow Alt and Title tags to be required on image fields

Administration, Editors
16 Diff

Show differences between content revisions.

Administration, Editors, Workflow
17 Coffee

A port of the Drupal module Coffee

Administration, Search, UX
18 Auto Assign Role

This module automatically assigns new users to a specific role when the user initially signs up for their account

Administration, Login, Permissions, Roles
19 Job Scheduler

A port of the Job Scheduler Drupal 7 module to BackdropCMS

Administration, Dates, Utility
20 Alternative Pager

Alternative Pager. API for alternative pager. It is alternative view point on Pager functionality

Administration, Editors
21 Views Autocomplete Filters

Autocomplete functionality for the views filter text fields.

22 Administration Menu Source

This integrates with the standard Admin Bar where you can specify which menu items should be shown for each role.

Access, Administration, admin_bar, Permissions
23 Redirect Import

Bulk import Redirects from a CSV file.

Administration, Drush, Path Management, SEO, Utility
24 Content Limiter

Provides options for limiting the scope of content for content types.

Administration, Content