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1 SSH public keys

Manages OpenSSH public keys for Backdrop site accounts.

Developer Tools, Administration, Access
2 Menu Attach Block

Menu Attach Block allows you to embed blocks in menu items.

3 Sticky Note

Utility module for creating todo list for ANY page of your Backdrop site.

4 Superfish

Integrates jQuery Superfish plug-in with Backdrop CMS.

5 Smart Menu Options

The module introduces new menu configuration options for Backdrop's core dropdown style menu.

6 Custom Error

Create custom error pages for HTTP status codes 403 (access denied) and 404 (not found), set 404 redirects

7 Multiple E-mail Addresses

The Multiple Email module allows users to register additional e-mails for their user accounts.

8 Activity Calendar

Visualizes users' activity over the yearly calendar.

Dates, User Interface, users
9 Gravatar social, profile, Comments
10 Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion User Interface
11 State Override

This small utility module makes it possible to override the "state" variables in the same manner the configuration variables can be overriden from the settings.php file.

12 Invite

This module provides an Invite a friend feature to allow your users to send and track invitations to join your Backdrop site

13 Brush

Brush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Backdrop CMS.

Developer Tools
14 Search Index Wipe

Enables wiping of search index.

15 Search Index Options

Allows indexing only selected content types or nodes and provides detailed search index statistics per content type.


The project brings D7's Shortcut module - removed from Backdrop core - back as a contributed module.

17 Poll

Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions.

18 Devel

Provides helper functions for Backdrop developers.

developer, Developer Tools
19 Simplenews

BackdropCMS port of the Simplenews module for Drupal 7

Publishing, Email, Mailing Lists
20 BUEditor

A plain textarea editor aiming to facilitate code and regular writing.

21 Ajax markup

A Backdrop CMS port of, AJAX API for creating filtered content by applying input filters.

22 Markdown for BUEditor

Markdown editor is a plug-in editor for BUEditor and provides a toolbar and dialogs for creating and editing Markdown and Markdown Extra markup.