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1 Webform Localization

Provides multilingual features to the Webform module.

Language, Localization, User Interface
2 User Time Zone Tokens

A Backdrop module that supports embedding of time-zone-aware dates and times in formatted text.

Dates, User Interface
3 Activity Calendar

Visualizes users' activity over the yearly calendar.

Dates, User Interface, users
4 Dismiss

Allow Backdrop messages to be manually, or automatically, dismissed.

User Interface
5 Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion User Interface
6 Editable Views

Create Views where the fields can be edited.

Views, User Interface
7 Maxlength

Maxlength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form making use of the form API. This includes fields created using the UI.

Fields, User Interface
8 Role Theme Switcher

Assign different themes to roles on your site

Roles, Theme Enhancements, Appearance, Utility
9 Dblog Page Split

Backdrop CMS module that puts the "Clear log messages" form on an extra page.

Administration, User Interface, Logging
10 Editable Fields

Allows you to make some fields editable from the display.

Fields, User Interface
11 Replicate UI

Adds a user interface to the Replicate module.

User Interface
12 Custom Contextual Links

Add your own links to the contextual drop down widgets of blocks, views and nodes.

Contextual Links, User Interface
13 Jarallax - Just Another Parallax plugin

Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images.

Parallax, User Interface
14 Navbar

A mobile friendly navigation toolbar containing top-level administrative components.

15 Configurable Block Style

Ability to style blocks through UI.

Appearance, blocks, User Interface
16 Splashify

Backdrop module to create and configure a splash page.

Content, User Interface
17 Chosen

Uses the Chosen jQuery plugin to make select elements more user-friendly.

jQuery, User Interface, Utility
18 Smooth Scroll

Smooth page scrolling to destination page elements and anchors after clicking hyperlinks

User Interface
19 Freezeframe

Play/pause animated GIFs.

User Interface, Video
20 Field Multiple Limit

This is a simple module that provides settings to limit the number of values to display on fields with multiple values.

Fields, User Interface
21 Masonry Views

This modules defines a masonry grid view style using Masonry API module.

User Interface, Views
22 Select (or other)

Provides a new Forms API element which is a select/radios/checkboxes element that has an 'other' option.

Fields, User Interface
23 Multifield

A true compound field solution for Backdrop CMS.

Fields, User Interface, Editors
24 Edit profile

Creates separate "Edit account" and "Edit profile" tabs for each user, with custom user fields configured under "Edit profile."

profile, user accounts, User Interface
25 Tab Tamer

Gives additional control over what tabs are seen by a user

User Interface, Menus
26 Scroll Reveal

Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.

User Interface, Display
27 Project Browser

Merged into core in 1.4.0. See below.

28 Waypoints

Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element.

jQuery, User Interface
29 Text Summary Options

This module provides site builders with additional options for the 'summary' field when using "Text Area with a Summary" widget.

30 Markup

Port of the Drupal 7 Markup Module

Fields, Editor Experience, User Interface
31 Image link to file

A formatter for image fields that creates a hyperlink from the image to a file field in the same entity.

Fields, Formatters, Images, User Interface
32 Publication Date

The Publication Date module adds a "Published on" date for each node, containing the date when it was first published.

Content, Editors, User Interface