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1 SSH public keys

Manages OpenSSH public keys for Backdrop site accounts.

Developer Tools, Administration, Access
2 Login Links

Displays a login link for each user on your site.

Login, Administration, Access, Account Management
3 Translation Access

Allows per-user administrative content access permissions by language (e.g. for translation).

Access, Language, Permissions
4 Field Visibility Condition

Allows admins to control access by entity field value

Access, Fields
5 Taxonomy Access Control

Access control for user roles based on taxonomy categories (vocabulary, terms).

Access, Taxonomy
6 Organic groups

The Organic Groups module provides users the ability to create, manage, and delete 'groups' on a site.

Access, Content, users, Workflow
7 Menu Per Role Access, Menus, Permissions, Roles
8 Role delegation

Grant specific roles the authority to assign selected roles to users, without them needing the administer permissions permission.

Access, Administration, Permissions, users
9 Group

Allows you to group users and content

Group, Access, Community
10 Ban IP

Block site vistors by IP address

Security, Infrastructure, Access, Spam control
11 Chain Menu Access API

Allows your module to chain its own menu access callback functions into other modules' menu router entries.

12 IP address blocking

Enables blocking of IP addresses.

Security, Spam control, Access
13 Content view access

Provides "View own content" and "View any content" permissions for each content type.

Access, Content, Permissions
14 Bot repellent

Add the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to Backdrop for global bot crawling rules.

Security, Access, Infrastructure
15 Content Access

Manage permissions for content types by role.

Content, Access
16 Administration Menu Source

This integrates with the standard Admin Bar where you can specify which menu items should be shown for each role.

Access, Administration, admin_bar, Permissions