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1 Auto Purge Users Administration, Account Management, Spam control
2 Username

Automatically generate usernames based on a token string.

user accounts, Account Management
3 Login Links

Displays a login link for each user on your site.

Login, Administration, Access, Account Management
4 Avatar

Automatically generate unique avatars for user accounts.

Community, Images, Account Management, user accounts
5 Registration Account Creation

Creates user accounts when people register anonymously.

Account Management, registration, user accounts

Implements Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP Authentication.

7 Role watchdog

Role watchdog automatically logs all role changes in its own table.

8 Simple LDAP

The Simple LDAP is a set of modules to provide Backdrop CMS integration with an LDAPv3 server.

9 simpleSAMLphp authentication

The simplesamlphp_auth module makes it possible for Backdrop CMS to support SAML for authentication of users. The module will auto-provision user accounts into Backdrop CMS if you want it to. It can also dynamically assign Backdrop CMS roles based on identity attribute values.

10 Authmap

Provides the authmap table and functions removed from from Drupal 8.x and inherited by Backdrop Core. This module is often used with other modules providing Single Sign-On (SSO).