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1 Username

Automatically generate usernames based on a token string.

user accounts, Account Management
2 Avatar

Automatically generate unique avatars for user accounts.

Community, Images, Account Management, user accounts
3 Login allowlist

Limit login access to your site to only certain users.

Security, user accounts
4 Registration Account Creation

Creates user accounts when people register anonymously.

Account Management, registration, user accounts
5 User protect

Allow fine-grained access control of user accounts by providing various account editing protections.

user accounts, users, Security
6 User Import

Import users to Backdrop from a CSV

user accounts, Import
7 Profile

Supports configurable user profiles. Port of Drupal Profile2.

profile, user accounts
8 Previous login

Display a timestamp of the previous login after users authenticate to Backdrop.

Authentication, Security, user accounts
9 Edit profile

Creates separate "Edit account" and "Edit profile" tabs for each user, with custom user fields configured under "Edit profile."

profile, user accounts, User Interface
10 Profile Picture Plus

Port from a drupal 7 sandbox

Photo Display, profile, user accounts, users
11 Mass password reset

Reset the passwords of all users except the administrative superuser.

Security, user accounts, users
12 User picture field

Add an image field to user accounts and show it on the user registration form.

Fields, registration, user accounts, users