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1 Node authorize link

Backdrop CMS module that generates links to view, edit, or delete content without login.

2 AbuseIPDB report

AbuseIPDB report module for Backdrop CMS

Security, Spam control
3 Login allowlist

Limit login access to your site to only certain users.

Security, user accounts
4 User protect

Allow fine-grained access control of user accounts by providing various account editing protections.

user accounts, users, Security
5 Ban IP

Block site vistors by IP address

Security, Infrastructure, Access, Spam control
6 Shield

Create a simple shield for your Backdrop site with Apache authentication.

Security, Passwords

A Backdrop CMS port of, a challenge-response test on forms to determine whether the user is human.

Login, Security, Spam control
8 Passphrase policy

Set minimum password composition constraints to encourage the use of pass phrases.

9 IP address blocking

Enables blocking of IP addresses.

Security, Spam control, Access
10 Http:BL

Implements Project Honey Pot's http:BL for Backdrop CMS by providing IP-based blacklisting and linking to a honeypot

Spam control, Security
11 Bot repellent

Add the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to Backdrop for global bot crawling rules.

Security, Access, Infrastructure
12 Previous login

Display a timestamp of the previous login after users authenticate to Backdrop.

Authentication, Security, user accounts
13 Clear password field

Disable autocomplete for password fields on Backdrop login forms.

Login, Security
14 Mass password reset

Reset the passwords of all users except the administrative superuser.

Security, user accounts, users