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1 CKEditor Skins

Additonal CKEditor skins for Backdrop CMS

Appearance, CKEditor
2 CKEditor accordion

Provides the accordion plugin for CKEditor

3 CKeditor fixed

This plugin for CKEditor will provide the 'fixed toolbar' behavior.

4 Field HTML Trim

Trims HTML-enabled text to a set length without counting HTML tags.

CKEditor, Content, Editors, Fields
5 CKEditor Addon

Freedom, fixes, and enhancements to Backdrop core CKEditor

CKEditor, Editors This module contains a known security vulnerability. Use at your own risk.
6 CKEditor

CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor (rich text editor) that will later become part of Backdrop core

CKEditor CKEditor is already in core. Is there a use case for this module any more?
7 Automatic node titles

A port of the Automatic Node Title Drupal 7 module to BackdropCMS

CKEditor, Fields, Workflow
8 CKEditor Blocks blocks, CKEditor