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1 Barcodes

The Barcodes module provides a field formatter to display various field types as rendered Barcodes

2 Node Convert Convert, Content, Nodes
3 Client Side Date Field Formatter

Client side (browser) date field rendering with correct timezone and format per locale

4 Resave Nodes

Resave content on your Backdrop site.

5 Display Suite

Display Suite gives you full control over the way content is displayed without having to maintain dozens of PHP template files.

Appearance, Content, layout, Structure
6 Delete All

Admin tool to bulk delete content, taxonomy terms, and users.

Content, Administration
7 Instagram Feed

Display the Instagram feed of any user or tag on your site.

8 Comment Hide Subject

Hides the comment subject if the "Allow custom title for comment" checkbox is unchecked for that node type.

9 Search pages

A port of Drupal 7 Search API Pages module for Backdrop

Content, Search
10 Organic groups

The Organic Groups module provides users the ability to create, manage, and delete 'groups' on a site.

Access, Content, users, Workflow
11 Permalink Filter

A content filter that adds permalinks to heading tags.

12 Unique Field

This module performs additional validation: prevent multiple nodes.

13 Range

Provides a numeric range field

Fields, Calculation, Formatters, Content
14 Scheduler

This BackdropCMS module allows content to be published and unpublished on specified dates.

Content, Scheduling
15 Splashify

Backdrop module to create and configure a splash page.

Content, User Interface
16 Field HTML Trim

Trims HTML-enabled text to a set length without counting HTML tags.

CKEditor, Content, Editors, Fields
17 Content view access

Provides "View own content" and "View any content" permissions for each content type.

Access, Content, Permissions
18 Diff

Show differences between content revisions.

Administration, Editors, Workflow
19 Content Access

Manage permissions for content types by role.

Content, Access
20 Markdown Extra filter

Backdrop input filter for the expanded PHP Markdown Extra libraries.

Style, Editors, Content
21 Submitted By

Control the format of your content's "Submitted by" information per content type.

Content, Editors, Nodes Partially merged into core
22 Publication Date

The Publication Date module adds a "Published on" date for each node, containing the date when it was first published.

Content, Editors, User Interface
23 Content Limiter

Provides options for limiting the scope of content for content types.

Administration, Content