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1 Username

Automatically generate usernames based on a token string.

user accounts, Account Management
2 Login Links

Displays a login link for each user on your site.

Login, Administration, Access, Account Management
3 Unused

Displays a report of unused modules on your site.

Administration, Developer Tools
4 Avatar

Automatically generate unique avatars for user accounts.

Community, Images, Account Management, user accounts
5 Menu Pager
6 Dismiss

Allow Backdrop messages to be manually, or automatically, dismissed.

User Interface
7 FoxyCart

Integrate with Foxy e-commerce

8 Role Theme Switcher

Assign different themes to roles on your site

Roles, Theme Enhancements, Appearance, Utility
9 Color Variables

A theme that demonstrates how to use CSS variables to provide simple color support.

Learning, CSS, Appearance
10 Lumi

A modern, customisable admin theme for Backdrop.

11 Taxonomy Set Lineage

Automatically selects parent terms when saving content assigned to a child term.

12 Image Maximum Crop

Crop images that exceed a given dimension.

13 Instagram Feed

Display the Instagram feed of any user or tag on your site.

14 One-Page Navigation

Enhances one-page sites with smooth scrolling and smart navigation.

15 Tugboat

Integrates with to allow creating on-the-fly preview sites.

Infrastructure, Developer Tools
16 Bamboo

Simple layout with a fixed sidebar.

17 Permalink Filter

A content filter that adds permalinks to heading tags.

18 Popular Tags

Displays popular taxonomy terms under term reference fields.

19 Preset API

An API that provides a user interface for managing configuration presets.

20 Facebook Page Plugin

Integrates Facebook's Page Plugin as a configurable block.

21 highlight.js

Integrates the highlight.js library to provide syntax highlighting for code blocks.

22 Preferred Text Format

Allows setting a preferred text format per text field.

23 Field HTML Trim

Trims HTML-enabled text to a set length without counting HTML tags.

CKEditor, Content, Editors, Fields
24 Freezeframe

Play/pause animated GIFs.

User Interface, Video
25 Auto Menu Settings

Automates the creation of menu items for nodes.

26 srcset Image

Provides responsive images that utilise the `srcset` attribute.

27 oEmbed

A CKEditor plugin for inserting embedded content via an external URL.

28 Views Menu Support

Provides a Views filter handler for filtering on currently-active menu item(s).

29 Maintenance Page

Provides a customisable 'maintenance mode' page, without the need for theming.

30 Language Switcher Dropdown

Enhances the core Language Switcher block by displaying it as a dropdown menu.

31 Authored Timezone

Specify a custom timezone for the 'Authored on' field.

32 Simplify

Hide particular fields from the user interface.


Bee is a command line utility for Backdrop CMS. It includes commands that allow developers to interact with Backdrop sites.

Developer Tools, Infrastructure, Utility
34 Featherlight

A very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin.

35 Views Slideshow: Cycle2

Views Slideshow: Cycle2

36 Back To Top

Displays a button that allows you to jump back to the top of your site.

37 Font Awesome

A simple module to include Font Awesome Icons via CSS classes for usage in your website

Fonts, Appearance, Third Party Integrations
38 Pathologic

Pathologic is an input filter which can correct paths in links and images in your Backdrop content in situations which would otherwise cause them to break.

39 External Links

Uses JavaScript to put an icon next to links and e-mail addresses to denote that they lead to 3rd party websites.

40 Style guide

The styleguide module demonstrates all common Backdrop elements on a single page.

Appearance, Front End Developer Tools, Theme Enhancements
41 Libraries (deprecated)

(Deprecated) Provides external library handling for other Backdrop modules.

42 Compact Forms

Presents text fields for selected forms in a more compact fashion using jQuery.

43 Menu Trail By Path

Sets the active-trail on menu items according to the current URL.

44 Scroll Reveal

Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.

User Interface, Display
45 GitHub Branches

View the branches for a GitHub fork and the pull requests associated with them.

46 Aussie Slang

Automatically converts your website's text into Aussie slang.