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1 Feeds entity processor

Create feeds importers to feed any core or custom entity.

Data Migration, Feeds, Developer Tools NOTE: This project doesn't yet have a release, as it's being blocked by issue 108 in Feeds.
2 Entity Plus CMI

API to store configuration entities as config files.

3 Organic groups subgroups

Build Organic Groups hierarchies (or trees) by nesting groups under other groups

Permissions, Groups
4 Views Bulk Operations

Augments Views by allowing bulk operations (provided by Backdrop's core, this module, Rules, or custom actions) to be executed on the displayed rows.

5 Entity reference prepopulate

Allow prepopulating any Entity reference field via URL

Entity reference, Entity
6 HMS Field

HMS Field displays an integer formatted as Hours, Minutes or Seconds

7 Views Aggregator Plus

Aggregates views results after performing database query

8 Weight

This module provides a weight field that can be added to any fieldable entity.

9 Organic groups

The Organic Groups module provides users the ability to create, manage, and delete 'groups' on a site.

Access, Content, users, Workflow
10 Entity Tokens

Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API.

Entity, Tokens
11 Entity Plus

This module wraps in a variety of additional entity-related functionality from various sources.

12 Ubercart

A flexible but easy-to-use e-commerce system for Backdrop.

ecommerce, Ubercart
13 Entity UI

Port to Backdrop of the UI functionality of Drupal's Entity API

14 Rules

Porting the Rules project to Backdrop.

15 Token embed views

This module allows embedding views by using tokens.

Views, Tokens
16 Views Calc Distinct

Correctly calculates totals for views with Distinct option.

17 Email Log

Sends log entries via email.

Email, Logging
18 Basic Entity Plus Example

An example of a custom entity with Entity Plus and Entity UI

19 PHPWord Wrapper

A wrapper around the PHPWord library.