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1 Taxonomy Menu Trails

Let the active item in menus follow the terms attached to nodes

Taxonomy, Breadcrumbs, Menus
2 Monochrome

No color, no distraction. With a dark mode.

3 Leaflet Widget for Geofield

A Geofield widget that provides a Leaflet map form item and uses Leaflet.draw for adding and removing geometries.

4 Background Images Formatter

Backdrop CMS field formatter for background images

5 UTF8MB4 Helper

Backdrop CMS helper module when the database is incompatible with 4-byte characters

6 GeoIP Tokens

Standalone module that provides tokens with GeoIP information and Rules support

7 Node authorize link

Backdrop CMS module that generates links to view, edit, or delete content without login.

8 Views Auto-Refresh

A module to refresh a view after a specified time interval or when triggered by an event.

9 Client Side Date Field Formatter

Client side (browser) date field rendering with correct timezone and format per locale

10 Schema

Backdrop CMS utility module to compare or generate database schemes

Database, developer
11 Frontpage Multilingual

Backdrop CMS multilingual module to set the frontpage per language

12 Snazzy

Theme for Backdrop CMS

13 CKEditor Skins

Additonal CKEditor skins for Backdrop CMS

Appearance, CKEditor
14 Image Block

Backdrop CMS module to create blocks with image fields

15 Dblog Page Split

Backdrop CMS module that puts the "Clear log messages" form on an extra page.

Administration, User Interface, Logging
16 Real Name

Port of Drupal 7 Real Name module to Backdrop

Administration, User Management
17 Lateral

Backdrop CMS theme

18 Captcha Riddler

Backdrop CMS spam prevention module

19 Pelerine

Backdrop CMS theme with fancy color backgrounds

20 Localization client

Backdrop CMS translation interface module

21 Menu Link Weight

Backdrop CMS module to re-order menu items within the node form

22 File Entity Embed Filter

File Entity Embed Filter - Backdrop CMS module to embed file entities in content

23 Mail Disguise

Backdrop CMS module to hide email addresses in content

24 Views iCal export

Backdrop CMS module to export iCal feeds using views

25 Views JSON

A Views handler that returns data as JSON objects.

26 Matomo Analytics

Adds the tracking code for Matomo Analytics to your site.

27 File (Field) Paths

Provides the ability to use entity based tokens in destination paths and file names

28 Leaflet

Integration with the Leaflet map scripting library.

29 Internationalization

Collection of modules to extend Backdrop CMS multilingual capabilities

30 Shibboleth authentication

Provides user authentication with Shibboleth (both v1.3 and v2.0)

31 Gallery Tiler

Field formatter that ships with fancy gallery styles for image fields.

32 Resource Timeslots

Provides a field type to reserve timeslots for configurable resources using a Fullcalendar widget

33 Repeating Dates

Repeating (recurring) dates based on ICAL rules, with an easier user interface

34 Rename Admin Paths

Small security helper module to override admin and user paths

35 Fullcalendar Views NG

Views style plugin to render all sorts of date fields as events with FullCalendar

36 Fullcalendar Library

Integrates a recent FullCalendar library.

37 CAFile Fetcher

Gets an up-to-date certificate authority bundle to verify certs in tls connections

38 Scenery

Adaptable theme with different sceneries, easy to configure

39 Field default token

Use token values as default values for fields