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1 Auto Purge Users Administration, Account Management, Spam control
2 Entity Cache Administation

Provides an administrative interface for fine-grained control of entity caching.

3 Term Reference Tree

Provides an expandable tree widget for the Taxonomy Term Reference field as a replacement for Backdrop's core Taxonomy Term Reference widget.

4 Publish Content

Allows users to publish and unpublish nodes on a per node type basis or for all node types without granting users the very broad "administer nodes" permission.

Nodes, Permissions
5 Webform Autocomplete

Webform component for autocomplete fields for the Backdrop CMS.

6 Webform Countdown

Provides webform textarea-like component that counts down the number of characters left.

7 Token Help

A Backdrop module to re-create the list of all tokens that formerly resided in the Drupal Help admin menu.

8 Ubercart Discounts

The Ubercart Discounts module allows the creation of discounts for products according to a variety of criteria based on the products, user roles, and more.

Commerce, Ubercart, ecommerce
9 User Merge developer, users
10 User Time Zone Tokens

A Backdrop module that supports embedding of time-zone-aware dates and times in formatted text.

Dates, User Interface
11 Luxon

A Backdrop module that provides the Luxon Javascript library for working with dates and times.

Dates, developer
12 Role Listings

Backdrop module to add administrative menu items for each role.

13 View Unpublished

Adds the missing permissions "view unpublished $content_type content" to Backdrop.

14 WebForm 2 PDF

An extension of the Webform module that can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of a form submission.

PDF, Webform
15 Rules Once Per Day

Provides an event for Rules that is triggered once per day by cron, at or soon after the specified hour of the day, along with conditions that let you trigger actions once per week, month, or quarter.

16 Node Clone Tab

An add-on to the Node Clone module that provides the clone action as a tab rather than a local action.


Provides shortcut paths to the current user's pages, where the word "me" (or some other word) stands in for the user ID. Examples: user/me, user/me/edit, etc.

18 SpamSpan

Obfuscates email addresses to help prevent spambots from collecting them.

19 Role Help

Allows a site administrator (with the 'administer access control' permission) to set a summary and help text for each role.

20 Ubercart Price Per Role

An Ubercart module that allows Ubercart to charge different prices to different customers based on their roles.

Ubercart, Roles, ecommerce
21 Comment Hide Subject

Hides the comment subject if the "Allow custom title for comment" checkbox is unchecked for that node type.

22 Token Filter

Allows token values to be used as filters.

23 Google Auth

Supports authentication with Google enabling use of Google APIs.

24 Ubercart

A flexible but easy-to-use e-commerce system for Backdrop.

ecommerce, Ubercart
25 Layout Wildcard
26 Coder Upgrade

Helps automate some/most of the work required to upgrade a module from Drupal to Backdrop 1.x

27 Profile

Supports configurable user profiles. Port of Drupal Profile2.

profile, user accounts
28 Bootstrap Lite

Bootstrap Lite - a Backdrop Bootstrap-based theme.

29 Field Permissions

Allows site administrators to set field-level permissions for fields that are attached to any kind of entity

30 Views Bootstrap

This module provides a set of styles for the Views module. It allows you to create responsive Bootstrap 3.x components, such as grids, carousels, tabs, and tables, all within the configuration settings of the powerful Views module.

31 Rules

Porting the Rules project to Backdrop.

32 Bootstrap Icons

Provides the Bootstrap Icons library of over 1500 icons as SVGs, SVG sprites, or web fonts.

33 HTTP Response Headers
34 Layout Contextual Links

This Backdrop module adds a contextual links drop-down for the layout on all pages.

35 GitHub Labels

Creates CSS that provides formatting that supports easy use of Github labels from one or more repositories in page content.

36 IP Address Manager
37 Pseudo Field

This module allows you to render an extra field like a real field with an optional label.