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1 Unused

Displays a report of unused modules on your site.

Administration, Developer Tools
2 Username

Automatically generate usernames based on a token string.

user accounts, Account Management
3 Auto Purge Users Administration, Account Management, Spam control
4 Feeds entity processor

Create feeds importers to feed any core or custom entity.

Data Migration, Feeds, Developer Tools NOTE: This project doesn't yet have a release, as it's being blocked by issue 108 in Feeds.
5 SSH public keys

Manages OpenSSH public keys for Backdrop site accounts.

Developer Tools, Administration, Access
6 Login Links

Displays a login link for each user on your site.

Login, Administration, Access, Account Management

Template repository for a module.


Template repository for a layout template.


Template repository for a Backdrop CMS theme.

10 Please delete this accidental project.
11 Avatar

Automatically generate unique avatars for user accounts.

Community, Images, Account Management, user accounts
12 Ubercart GoCardless Client

Ubercart / GoCardless payment gateway integration for Backdrop-CMS

ecommerce, Ubercart
13 Entity Plus CMI

API to store configuration entities as config files.

14 Taxonomy Menu Trails

Let the active item in menus follow the terms attached to nodes

Taxonomy, Breadcrumbs, Menus
15 Welcome Recipe

The welcome module provides a new site owner with some additional content and configuration to help them get started.

16 User Guide Recipe

Enables the book module and generates some content to get you started with a customizable user guide for your site.

17 Organic groups subgroups

Build Organic Groups hierarchies (or trees) by nesting groups under other groups

Permissions, Groups
18 Node Limit

Backdrop port of the Node Limit module from Drupal 7.

19 Security.txt

Provides a security.txt file for your site.

20 Role Reference

A port of the Drupal 7 Role Reference module

21 Boolean formatter

A port of the Drupal 7 module that provides a views-style formatter for boolean list fields.

22 Views Nested Accordion

An extension to Views Accordion which helps in creating accordions within accordions.

23 Well-known

A Backdrop CMS module which implements some /.well-known URIs.

24 GeSHi Filter

GeSHi Filter for syntax highlighting

25 Simple Tester

Allow to run individual Simpletest methods through the UI.

26 Entity reference prepopulate

Allow prepopulating any Entity reference field via URL

Entity reference, Entity
27 FooTable

Provides integration for the jQuery FooTable plugin for creating responsive tables.

28 NOTE: Functionality from the Drupal 7 "Image style flush" module was merged into the "Image Effects" module for Backdrop (in the "Image styles admin" submodule).
29 Views Bulk Operations

Augments Views by allowing bulk operations (provided by Backdrop's core, this module, Rules, or custom actions) to be executed on the displayed rows.

30 Site Help admin_bar, Education, help
31 Card Recipe Recipe
32 Autosave

Automatically save content after a period of time.

33 UC Restrict Quantity

Add a basic quantity restriction to a product in your Ubercart store.

Ubercart, ecommerce
34 Barcodes

The Barcodes module provides a field formatter to display various field types as rendered Barcodes

35 Entity Cache Administation

Provides an administrative interface for fine-grained control of entity caching.

36 Flexslider Paragraphs

Set up Paragraphs items to render in a Flexslider.

Flexslider, Paragraphs
37 ImageWebP

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web

38 Shopify

Integrate and sync your site with a Shopify store.

39 Ajax facet filters

Ajax Facets

40 IP Login

Log in automatically via their IP (v4 and v6) address ranges or wildcards instead of having to enter a username and password.

41 Webform Autocomplete

Webform component for autocomplete fields for the Backdrop CMS.

42 State Override

This small utility module makes it possible to override the "state" variables in the same manner the configuration variables can be overriden from the settings.php file.

43 Webform Countdown

Provides webform textarea-like component that counts down the number of characters left.

44 Custom breadcrumbs

Allows administrators to set up parametrized breadcrumb trails for any node type, taxonomy, path, etc.

45 Localization update

Helps to keep the translation of your Backdrop core and contributed modules up to date with automatic updates.

46 Webform Structured Text

Adds a new type of Webform component: structured / masked-input text.

47 Webform Layout

Adds a new type of Webform component: the layout box for elements.

48 Webform Telephone

Provides a telephone component type for Webform.

49 Private files download permission

Provides a simple permission to allow downloading of private files per directory with by-user and by-role filters.


A distribution for event sites using Backdrop CMS