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401 Champion

The winning web components and HAX install profile for backdrop.

402 PHPMailer

SMTP support for Backdrop CMS with PHPMailer

403 Language Switcher Dropdown

Enhances the core Language Switcher block by displaying it as a dropdown menu.

404 Google CSE

Google CSE module for Backdrop CMS

405 Entity Plus

This module wraps in a variety of additional entity-related functionality from various sources.

406 Shortcode
407 Maillog / Mail Developer

Maillog provides logging of all email for debugging.

408 Field Wrappers

Using the Field Wrappers module, site administrators will be able to choose HTML wrappers for fields.

Fields, Display
409 Flippy

Flippy generates previous/next pagers for content types.

410 Menu Firstchild
411 Conditional Fields

Define dependencies between fields based on their states and values.

412 Hightlight.js WYSIWYG Integration

Adds a shortcode for using HighlightJS in the WYSIWYG editor.

413 BLIZZ Vanisher

Use tarteaucitron scripts to control cookies. Please use gdpr_cookies instead.

414 GDPR Cookies

Control cookies from all sources with tarteaucitron.js to meet GDPR.

415 BeautyTips Node

Display any node page inside a BeautyTip.

416 Viewfield

Backdrop port of the drupal 7 module Viewfield

417 Views term path

Views field handler for displaying a taxonomy term path.

418 Routing Debug

Provides menu routing table with additional information

419 Devel

Provides helper functions for Backdrop developers.

developer, Developer Tools
420 Simplify

Hide particular fields from the user interface.


A Backdrop CMS port of, a challenge-response test on forms to determine whether the user is human.

Login, Security, Spam control
422 BUEditor

A plain textarea editor aiming to facilitate code and regular writing.

423 Backdrop Module Examples For Developers

Example modules

424 Colorbox

A port of the Colorbox Drupal 7 module to BackdropCMS

425 References

References module for Backdrop CMS

426 Fanciblock

Fanciblock module can be used to create image and icon feature boxes.

blocks, layout, Structure
427 Mail System

Provides an Administrative UI and Developers API for safely updating the mail_system configuration variable.

428 Simplenews

BackdropCMS port of the Simplenews module for Drupal 7

Publishing, Email, Mailing Lists
429 Automatic Entity Label

Allows hiding of entity label fields and automatic label creation

430 YouTube Field

Backdrop-compatible version of Drupal's Youtube Field module

Video, Fields, Media
431 Video Embed Field

Video Embed field creates a simple field type called Video Embed that allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo or show their thumbnail previews simply by entering the video's url.

Video, Fields

Bee is a command line utility for Backdrop CMS. It includes commands that allow developers to interact with Backdrop sites.

Developer Tools, Infrastructure, Utility
433 Google Auth

Supports authentication with Google enabling use of Google APIs.

434 FlexSlider

Drupal module to integrate the FlexSlider library

435 Simple Access

Provides an easy way to make nodes accessible by only a group (or groups) of users.

436 Select 2

Integrates Backdrop autocomplete and select fields with the Select2 jQuery library.

437 Stripe

This module provides a simple abstraction to use the Stripe PHP SDK.

438 Image Effects

The Image Effects module provides a suite of additional image effects that can be added to image styles.

439 Menu Views

Allows menu items to render views instead of links.

Menus, Views
440 Block Refresh

Allows blocks to automatically refresh their content.

441 Shield

Create a simple shield for your Backdrop site with Apache authentication.

Security, Passwords
442 Rabbit Hole

A Backdrop CMS module that adds the ability to control what should happen when an entity is being viewed at its own page.

At least parts of this module are now included in core. We recommend that you check to see if core provides what you need before using this module.
443 Adaptive Image

The Adaptive Image module provides device-appropriate versions of images from your fields.

444 Hi-Res Images

Provides for Hi-Res images. This technique does not use JavaScript.

445 Retina Images

Retina Images adds an option to all image effects included with core to allow them to output high resolution images for high DPI or retina displays.

446 Views Slideshow: Cycle2

Views Slideshow: Cycle2

447 Block Scheduler

Adds a Datetime Visibility Condition to Backdrop.

blocks, Dates
448 Block Disabler

Allows admins to hide blocks without removing from the layout.

449 Print using mPDF

Converts a node to PDF using the mPDF PHP Library.

450 Flood control

Add an administration interface for hidden flood control variables in Backdrop.