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151 Tugboat

Integrates with to allow creating on-the-fly preview sites.

Infrastructure, Developer Tools
152 Serial

Provides an auto-increment (serial) field

153 Profile Switcher

Used to switch between install profiles found in the /core/profile directory. This module is useful for moving an existing site to distribution

154 HybridAuth Authentication, social
155 Invite

This module provides an Invite a friend feature to allow your users to send and track invitations to join your Backdrop site

156 No Current Password
157 Webform References

Provides a webform component to reference a node, term and user in webform.

158 Display Suite

Display Suite gives you full control over the way content is displayed without having to maintain dozens of PHP template files.

Appearance, Content, layout, Structure
159 Delete All

Admin tool to bulk delete content, taxonomy terms, and users.

Content, Administration
160 HMS Field

HMS Field displays an integer formatted as Hours, Minutes or Seconds

161 Views Aggregator Plus

Aggregates views results after performing database query

162 Protected Forms

Protected Forms is a light-weight, non-intrusive spam protection module that enables rejection of node, comment, webform, user profile, contact form and revision log submissions which contain undesired language scripts or preset patterns.

163 Dblog Page Split

Backdrop CMS module that puts the "Clear log messages" form on an extra page.

Administration, User Interface, Logging
164 Weight

This module provides a weight field that can be added to any fieldable entity.

165 Date popup timepicker

Adds a new timepicker option for datetime fields, providing a better ui for the timepicker.

166 Biblio

Manage and display lists of scholarly publications. Import from Zotero.

167 Taxonomy Set Lineage

Automatically selects parent terms when saving content assigned to a child term.

168 Multiselect

Multiselect field widget

169 Matomo Reports

This makes some of the Matomo Analytics reports available in your site.

170 Classy Paragraphs Paragraphs
171 Views Flipped Table

This module provides a views table style with the rows and columns flipped.

Views, Appearance, Data, Structure
172 Menu Per Role Access, Menus, Permissions, Roles
173 Pretty Calendar

Simple calendar solution for Backdrop.

Calendar, Dates
174 File Entity Embed Filter

File Entity Embed Filter - Backdrop CMS module to embed file entities in content

175 Site Verification

Makes the site verification process for search engines and other services as easy as possible.

176 Registration Conference, Entity, Special Event, users
177 Entity Tokens

Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API.

Entity, Tokens
178 Hook Post Action

Introduces several new hooks to allow other modules to do actions after a node or entity is inserted, updated, or deleted in the database.

179 Jitsi Meet field

Easily add Jitsi Meet video conferences to Backdrop CMS.

Video, Jitsi
180 Multilingual forum

Multilingual enhancement module for Backdrop Forum

181 Resave Nodes

Resave content on your Backdrop site.

182 User protect

Allow fine-grained access control of user accounts by providing various account editing protections.

user accounts, users, Security
183 Coder Subthemer

Builds a subtheme from a provided base.

184 Empty Repo

Documentation on coder module for Backdrop CMS.

If you are here looking for the coder module for Backdrop, you probably want one of these two projects instead: Coder Review - Reviews your code identifying coding style problems and where updates to the API are required. Coder Upgrade - Helps automate some/most of the work required to upgrade a module from Drupal to Backdrop 1.x If you are porting a module from Drupal 7 to Backdrop, you may want both.
186 Block remove

Allows users to remove blocks from the front end.

187 Webform Calculation Components
188 Webform Calculator

Provides a 'formula' webform component for computed values.

189 CiviCRM Group Nodes

Sync contacts in a CiviCRM group to Backdrop nodes.

CiviCRM, Nodes
190 Node Feedback

Node Feedback shows a form, in a block you can place on a node condition layout, to collect feedback from users for a given node type entry.

191 Feeds Tamper

Feeds Tamper provides a small plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved.

192 Editable Fields

Allows you to make some fields editable from the display.

Fields, User Interface

Implements Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP Authentication.

194 Replicate UI

Adds a user interface to the Replicate module.

User Interface
195 Captcha Riddler

Backdrop CMS spam prevention module

196 Big Blue Button

This module implements the BigBlueButton API

197 Search pages

A port of Drupal 7 Search API Pages module for Backdrop

Content, Search
198 Menu item visibility

Backdrop module to expose configurable and extendable visibility settings for menu links.

Menus, Roles
199 Solr search

This module provides an implementation of the Search API which uses an Apache Solr search server for indexing and searching.

200 View Administration Theme

Provides the `view administration theme` permission for sites that still use it.