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51 Field Visibility Condition

Allows admins to control access by entity field value

Access, Fields
52 Dismiss

Allow Backdrop messages to be manually, or automatically, dismissed.

User Interface
53 Language Icons

This module provides icons for language links, both for the Language switcher block and (optionally) for node links.

54 Eva

Provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached to the content of any Backdrop entity.

Entity, Views
55 CSV Export

Ubercart CSV export

Files, Ubercart, ecommerce
56 Ubercart: Who Bought What

Ubercart report of who bought specific products.

Ubercart, ecommerce
57 View Unpublished

Adds the missing permissions "view unpublished $content_type content" to Backdrop.

58 WebForm 2 PDF

An extension of the Webform module that can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of a form submission.

PDF, Webform
59 Term Reference Tree

Provides an expandable tree widget for the Taxonomy Term Reference field as a replacement for Backdrop's core Taxonomy Term Reference widget.

60 Printer-friendly pages

Generate printer-friendly, PDF, EPub, and/or email versions of site content.

Files, PDF
61 Login allowlist

Limit login access to your site to only certain users.

Security, user accounts
62 Ubercart Product as Attribute Option Commerce, Ubercart, ecommerce
63 HTML5 Details Element

Adds a "details" Form API field type that renders the HTML5 details element.

64 Schema

Backdrop CMS utility module to compare or generate database schemes

Database, developer
65 Taxonomy Access Control

Access control for user roles based on taxonomy categories (vocabulary, terms).

Access, Taxonomy
66 FoxyCart

Integrate with Foxy e-commerce

67 Node Convert Convert, Content, Nodes
68 Publish Content

Allows users to publish and unpublish nodes on a per node type basis or for all node types without granting users the very broad "administer nodes" permission.

Nodes, Permissions
69 Module filter

Filter the modules list

Administration, developer, Filters
70 Frontpage Multilingual

Backdrop CMS multilingual module to set the frontpage per language

71 Registration Account Creation

Creates user accounts when people register anonymously.

Account Management, registration, user accounts

All available Bootswatch themes, implemented as Bootstrap Lite subthemes

Appearance, Theme Enhancements
73 FAQ Field

This module provides a field for frequently asked questions.

74 Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion User Interface
75 Simple API

A CRUD json api for Backdrop users and nodes.

76 CKEditor Skins

Additonal CKEditor skins for Backdrop CMS

Appearance, CKEditor
77 Tweet Feed

An aggregation twitter module for organizing and categorizing Twitter content.

78 Ubercart Discounts

The Ubercart Discounts module allows the creation of discounts for products according to a variety of criteria based on the products, user roles, and more.

Commerce, Ubercart, ecommerce
79 Pack and Upload

Backdrop port of Pack & Upload module for Drupal 7

developer, Files
80 Visitors

A module that records and stores information about (anonymous or authenticated) site visitors.

81 Video Embed

Port of Video Embed module

Media, Video
82 Panzoom Images

An image field formatter to render the image using the Panzoom jQuery library.

Images, Media
83 Comment Permissions

Enables permissions for commenting by user role and by node type.

84 Grid Field Formatter

Grid Field Formatter provides a solution to showing multi-value fields in a grid when displaying the node.

Fields, Formatters
85 User Merge developer, users
86 Webform Submissions Bulk Delete

Delete webform submissions within a given date range.

Administration, Webform
87 Node authorize link

Backdrop CMS module that generates links to view, edit, or delete content without login.


A module to add the PayPal Smart Payment Button to your website.

89 Webform Localization

Provides multilingual features to the Webform module.

Language, Localization, User Interface
90 Slider Field

Provides a jQueryUI slider widget for number fields.

91 Link checker

Checks for broken links in content.

92 AbuseIPDB report

AbuseIPDB report module for Backdrop CMS

Security, Spam control
93 User Time Zone Tokens

A Backdrop module that supports embedding of time-zone-aware dates and times in formatted text.

Dates, User Interface
94 User Prune

Delete inactive users in batches based on criteria.

accounts, Administration, users
95 Activity Calendar

Visualizes users' activity over the yearly calendar.

Dates, User Interface, users
96 Luxon

A Backdrop module that provides the Luxon Javascript library for working with dates and times.

Dates, developer
97 Role Listings

Backdrop module to add administrative menu items for each role.

98 UTF8MB4 Helper

Backdrop CMS helper module when the database is incompatible with 4-byte characters

99 Token Help

A Backdrop module to re-create the list of all tokens that formerly resided in the Drupal Help admin menu.

100 IP Anonymize

Backdrop port of IP Anonymize for Drupal