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101 JWT

JSON web tokens for Backdrop CMS.

102 Node noindex

Prevent nodes from being indexed by search engines and other crawlers.

103 Views Auto-Refresh

A module to refresh a view after a specified time interval or when triggered by an event.

104 Translation Access

Allows per-user administrative content access permissions by language (e.g. for translation).

Access, Language, Permissions
105 Multiple E-mail Addresses

The Multiple Email module allows users to register additional e-mails for their user accounts.

106 Reactify

Easily use React in Backdrop CMS.

107 Gravatar social, profile, Comments
108 @font-your-face

Provides an administrative interface for browsing and applying web fonts (using CSS @font-face) from a variety of sources.

109 UI Cache Clear
110 SVG Image Support

Enhance the Image module so that it can accept SVG files when uploaded through an Image field.

111 Client Side Date Field Formatter

Client side (browser) date field rendering with correct timezone and format per locale

112 Forum Next Generation
113 Restrict Abusive Words

Prevent content and user accounts from being created if they contain specific words or phrases

114 Background Images Formatter

Backdrop CMS field formatter for background images

115 Menu Pager
116 Leaflet Widget for Geofield

A Geofield widget that provides a Leaflet map form item and uses Leaflet.draw for adding and removing geometries.

117 Multiple Selects
118 Sticky Note

Utility module for creating todo list for ANY page of your Backdrop site.

119 Profile Registration Path

This module enables administrators to set unique registration paths per Profile profile type.

profile, registration, Path Management
120 Custom Error

Create custom error pages for HTTP status codes 403 (access denied) and 404 (not found), set 404 redirects

121 Menu Attach Block

Menu Attach Block allows you to embed blocks in menu items.

122 Flag clear

Gives admins ability to clear all flags for an entity.

123 Smart Menu Options

The module introduces new menu configuration options for Backdrop's core dropdown style menu.

124 Superfish

Integrates jQuery Superfish plug-in with Backdrop CMS.

125 GeoIP Tokens

Standalone module that provides tokens with GeoIP information and Rules support

126 ImageMagick

An alternative image toolkit module that uses the Imagick PHP extension instead of GD.

Third Party Integrations, Images
127 Slick

A powerful and performant slideshow/carousel solution leveraging Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.

128 Brush

Brush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Backdrop CMS.

Developer Tools
129 Tocbot

Builds a table of contents (TOC) from content headings.


Backdrop port of Views Selective Filters Module

131 Code Sign

Temporary holding project for the future core Code Sign module. Creates and verifies digital signatures.

132 Search Index Options

Allows indexing only selected content types or nodes and provides detailed search index statistics per content type.

133 Search Index Wipe

Enables wiping of search index.

134 Role Theme Switcher

Assign different themes to roles on your site

Roles, Theme Enhancements, Appearance, Utility
135 Maxlength

Maxlength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form making use of the form API. This includes fields created using the UI.

Fields, User Interface

A sparkline style library for d3.js.

This repository is empty.
137 D3

Integration of D3 visualization library with Backdrop CMS.

Charts, Graphs
138 Image Block

Backdrop CMS module to create blocks with image fields

139 Webform Import

Allows delimited data files to be imported as submission (results) into webforms.

140 Image Field Caption

Provides a caption text area for image fields.

141 Security Review

Automates testing for many of the easy-to-make mistakes that render your site insecure.

142 One-Page Navigation

Enhances one-page sites with smooth scrolling and smart navigation.

143 Instagram Feed

Display the Instagram feed of any user or tag on your site.

144 Node access user reference

Gives content access permissions to users for content that references the users with User reference or Entity reference.

145 Node access node reference

Gives content access permissions to users if they have access to content that is referenced with Node reference or Entity reference.

146 Mail Disguise

Backdrop CMS module to hide email addresses in content

147 CKEditor Indent/Outdent

CKEditor plugin for adding indents and outdents.


For uploading a batch of config files at once

149 Role watchdog

Role watchdog automatically logs all role changes in its own table.


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) project provides integration with LDAP.

Authentication, Third Party Integrations