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301 Taxonomy CSV import/export

Export and import complete taxonomies, hierarchical structure or simple lists of terms and fields to or from a CSV file, url or text

302 Charts

A charting API for Drupal that provides chart elements and integration with Views

Calculation, Data, Data Visualization
303 Preset API

An API that provides a user interface for managing configuration presets.

304 Forum Access

This module changes your forum administration page to allow you to set forums private.

305 Chain Menu Access API

Allows your module to chain its own menu access callback functions into other modules' menu router entries.

306 Custom Contextual Links

Add your own links to the contextual drop down widgets of blocks, views and nodes.

Contextual Links, User Interface
307 Devel generate text settings

This module allows you to control the length and format of generated content for text and long text fields.

308 Jarallax - Just Another Parallax plugin

Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images.

Parallax, User Interface
309 Entity Pager

Provides next and previous navigation on entities.

Entity, Site Navigation, Structure
310 Permalink Filter

A content filter that adds permalinks to heading tags.

311 PWA

Provides basic components to progressively enhance your website with offline functionality.

312 highlight.js

Integrates the highlight.js library to provide syntax highlighting for code blocks.

313 Replicate

Provides an API to duplicate / clone an entity.

Entity, Duplication
314 Replicate Paragraphs

Manage the cloning of paragraphs_item entities and fields.

315 Role delegation

Grant specific roles the authority to assign selected roles to users, without them needing the administer permissions permission.

Access, Administration, Permissions, users
316 jQuery.RSS Block

Use jQuery.RSS in a block to pull an RSS feed onto your Backdrop layout.

317 Facebook Page Plugin

Integrates Facebook's Page Plugin as a configurable block.

318 Global Climate Strike

Adds the Global Climate Strike banner and blackout.

Special Event
319 Preferred Text Format

Allows setting a preferred text format per text field.

320 IP Geolocation Views & Maps

IP Geolocation Views & Maps for Backdrop CMS.

321 Range

Provides a numeric range field

Fields, Calculation, Formatters, Content

Provides an autocomplete on CSS class fields for utility-classes

Appearance, CSS, Theme Enhancements, Utility
323 Search Krumo

Makes it possible to search through Devels krumo's.

324 Minify

A tool to minify HTML and JavaScript files, and use them instead of the larger versions.


An experimental library of config files that can be used to import features to Backdrop CMS sites

Deprecated We have moved on to a different way of making recipes. This project is out of date.
326 Splashify

Backdrop module to create and configure a splash page.

Content, User Interface
327 jStorage

Backdrop CMS wrapper module for the jStorage library.

Wrapper library
328 Mobile Detect

Backdrop CMS wrapper module for the Mobile Detect library.

329 ImgAreaSelect

A wrapper for the ImgAreaSelect library.

Wrapper Library
330 imagesLoaded Images, JS Library, developer
331 Scheduler

This BackdropCMS module allows content to be published and unpublished on specified dates.

Content, Scheduling
332 oEmbed

A CKEditor plugin for inserting embedded content via an external URL.

333 Field HTML Trim

Trims HTML-enabled text to a set length without counting HTML tags.

CKEditor, Content, Editors, Fields
334 Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons

Add responsive share or follow buttons to your Backdrop site.

335 Chosen

Uses the Chosen jQuery plugin to make select elements more user-friendly.

jQuery, User Interface, Utility
336 Flexible layouts

Provides a layout with configurable rows, columns and regions.

In core This project is now available in core.
337 Ubercart Stripe

Ubercart payment gateway module for Stripe.

338 Smooth Scroll

Smooth page scrolling to destination page elements and anchors after clicking hyperlinks

User Interface
339 Geolocation

Port of the Drupal 7 geolocation module

340 Webcomponents

Webcomponents module for doing headless and progressively decoupled development

341 simplehtmldom API Developer Tools, Utility
342 Book Cache

Better caching logic for core book module

Performance, Scalability
343 Views Infinite Scroll

Views Infinite Scroll allows you to load and display pages of any view inline, using AJAX.

344 Freezeframe

Play/pause animated GIFs.

User Interface, Video
345 Taxonomy field formatter

BackdropCMS port of taxonomy_field_formatter Drupal module

346 Leaflet library

Simple BackdropCMS wrapper for the Leaflet library to make it available to other modules.

347 Smart IP

Backdrop module to identify visitor's geographical location (longitude/latitude), country, region, city and postal code based on the IP address of the visitor

348 Geolocation Proximity Filter

Backdrop module providing a Views distance/proximity filter and field for Geolocation module

349 Node Notify

Node Notify provides node comment notifications

350 New Relic