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1 Simple Tester

Allow to run individual Simpletest methods through the UI.

2 Site Help admin_bar, Education, help
3 Forum Next Generation
4 Multiple Selects
5 Profile Registration Path

This module enables administrators to set unique registration paths per Profile profile type.

profile, registration, Path Management
6 Registration Conference, Entity, Special Event, users
7 Coder Subthemer

Builds a subtheme from a provided base.

8 Block remove

Allows users to remove blocks from the front end.

9 CKEditor Indent/Outdent

CKEditor plugin for adding indents and outdents.

10 Adminimal

Minimalist administration theme.

No README. No Releases.
11 Facet API

An abstracted facet API that can be used by various search backends.

12 Flexible template

This is a stub template required by the Flexible Layout module.

Is this module necessary anymore, since we have Flexible Layouts in core?
13 Commerce ecommerce
14 Devel generate text settings

This module allows you to control the length and format of generated content for text and long text fields.

15 Charts

A charting API for Drupal that provides chart elements and integration with Views

Calculation, Data, Data Visualization
16 Layout nodes layout, Structure, Nodes
17 Ban IP

Block site vistors by IP address

Security, Infrastructure, Access, Spam control
18 Amazon Store

Amazon shopping cart and searching

19 Userpoints

API module for recording points for other modules.

20 Node Notify

Node Notify provides node comment notifications

21 Mentions

Adds Twitter like @username linking and tracking features.

22 Amazon API

Provides integration with the Amazon Product Advertising API.

23 Flexible layouts

Provides a layout with configurable rows, columns and regions.

In core This project is now available in core.
24 CKEditor Mentions

CKEditor plugin for user mentioning and inserting

25 Smooth Scroll

Smooth page scrolling to destination page elements and anchors after clicking hyperlinks

User Interface
26 Fanciblock

Fanciblock module can be used to create image and icon feature boxes.

blocks, layout, Structure
27 Backdrop Module Examples For Developers

Example modules

28 Basicolor

Subtheme of Basis, the default Backdrop theme, with color support

Does Basis now have color support by default?
29 Block Disabler

Allows admins to hide blocks without removing from the layout.

30 Default Views Convert to Config

This module produces Backdrop-compatible config code from Drupal 7 hook_views_default_views() code.

Views, Data Migration, Developer Tools, Drupal 7 Upgrade
31 Copy Blocks

Add blocks to your layout which are actually copies of other blocks or entire regions.

32 MailChimp

Provides integration with the MailChimp email delivery service

33 Draggableviews

Makes Views draggable

34 Views term hierarchy weight field

Provides a new field for Views to sort terms in hierarchical order

35 Payment

Allows payments to be made using any of the available payment methods

36 PayPal

Provides generic PayPal functionality for Payment module

37 Currency

Provides currency exchange rates

Calculation, Utility
38 Coder Review

"Developer module" which reviews your code identifying coding style problems and where updates to the API are required.

Developer Tools, Utility
39 Bakery

Allows for single sign-on between Backdrop sites on the same domain.

40 Entity UI

Port to Backdrop of the UI functionality of Drupal's Entity API

41 Register Country

Enables limiting registration to specific countries.

42 Views term hierarchy

Provides views handler to sort terms in hierarchical order

43 Statistics

Port of the Drupal core Statistics module.

44 Hero layout

Versions of core layouts with container classes inside the wrapper, and with a full-width hero region

Appearance, layout, Structure
45 Coder Upgrade

Helps automate some/most of the work required to upgrade a module from Drupal to Backdrop 1.x

46 Block Scheduler

Adds a Datetime Visibility Condition to Backdrop.

blocks, Dates
47 IP-based determination of Country

Determines country the user is located in, based on IP address.

48 Form Wizard

Port of CTools Wizard plugin

49 Colihaut Theme
50 Clickatell

Provides integration between the clickatell SMS service and the SMS framework project.