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Template repository for a module.


Template repository for a Backdrop CMS theme.

3 Please delete this accidental project.

Template repository for a layout template.

5 Video Embed

Port of Video Embed module

Media, Video
6 Custom breadcrumbs

Allows administrators to set up parametrized breadcrumb trails for any node type, taxonomy, path, etc.

7 Ubercart Product as Attribute Option Commerce, Ubercart, ecommerce
8 IP Anonymize

Backdrop port of IP Anonymize for Drupal

9 Field Visibility Condition

Allows admins to control access by entity field value

Access, Fields
10 Language Icons

This module provides icons for language links, both for the Language switcher block and (optionally) for node links.


All available Bootswatch themes, implemented as Bootstrap Lite subthemes

Appearance, Theme Enhancements
12 FAQ Field

This module provides a field for frequently asked questions.

13 CKEditor accordion

Provides the accordion plugin for CKEditor

14 Breakpoints

Breakpoints management for responsive web design.

15 Multilingual forum

Multilingual enhancement module for Backdrop Forum

16 Webform Calculation Components
17 Protected Forms

Protected Forms is a light-weight, non-intrusive spam protection module that enables rejection of node, comment, webform, user profile, contact form and revision log submissions which contain undesired language scripts or preset patterns.

18 Date popup timepicker

Adds a new timepicker option for datetime fields, providing a better ui for the timepicker.


Provides a new type of block, called "Message". These are be styled to look like the default status/info/warning/error messages.

20 Redis

Provides integration with the Redis key-value store.

21 Profile Switcher

Used to switch between install profiles found in the /core/profile directory. This module is useful for moving an existing site to distribution

22 Serial

Provides an auto-increment (serial) field

23 H5P

Upload interactive HTML5 Packages to your Backdrop site.

24 Focal Point

Allows you to specify the portion of an image that is most important so it doesn't get cropped

25 Chain Menu Access API

Allows your module to chain its own menu access callback functions into other modules' menu router entries.

26 Views dependent filters
27 BeautyTips API

Provides ballon-help style tooltips for any page element by integrating the BeautyTips jQuery Tooltip plugin.

28 Taxonomy CSV import/export

Export and import complete taxonomies, hierarchical structure or simple lists of terms and fields to or from a CSV file, url or text

29 Real-time SEO for Backdrop
30 PWA

Provides basic components to progressively enhance your website with offline functionality.

31 Date Multiselect

Enables jquery multiselect calendars.

32 Entity Pager

Provides next and previous navigation on entities.

Entity, Site Navigation, Structure
33 Range

Provides a numeric range field

Fields, Calculation, Formatters, Content
34 Group

Allows you to group users and content

Group, Access, Community
35 Flood unblock
36 Champion

The winning web components and HAX install profile for backdrop.

37 Maillog / Mail Developer

Maillog provides logging of all email for debugging.

38 Hightlight.js WYSIWYG Integration

Adds a shortcode for using HighlightJS in the WYSIWYG editor.

39 PHPMailer

SMTP support for Backdrop CMS with PHPMailer

40 Webcomponents

Webcomponents module for doing headless and progressively decoupled development

41 Google CSE

Google CSE module for Backdrop CMS

42 Automatic Entity Label

Allows hiding of entity label fields and automatic label creation

43 Production check

Check a site to see if it's properly setup for production use.

44 Ejector seat

Log out (eject) a user whose session has ended in Backdrop.

45 robots.txt

Control the contents of your robots.txt file through Backdrop configuration.

46 Brain Forum
47 Passphrase policy

Set minimum password composition constraints to encourage the use of pass phrases.

48 Feeds XPath Parser
49 Service links

Social networking links and buttons without ads or third-party tracking

Work on this module port has been discontinued; we are instead using the Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons module (
50 Member for hack

Change the time span shown as the "Member for" on Backdrop user profiles.