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851 jQuery Countdown Timer

This module provides a block with a jQuery countdown timer.

852 noderefcreate

Node Reference Create is an enhancement to the nodereference autocomplete widget that allows users to reference non-existent nodes.

853 Menu Expanded

A port of the Menu Expanded Drupal 7 module to BackdropCMS

854 Token embed views

This module allows embedding views by using tokens.

Views, Tokens
855 Fullcalendar Views NG

Views style plugin to render all sorts of date fields as events with FullCalendar

856 ChartCSS Framework

Easily create charts and graphs with a CSS framework

857 Rules Throttle

Provides a delay action to rules, to help reduce resource usage.

Performance, Rules
858 Fullcalendar Library

Integrates a recent FullCalendar library.

859 GitHub Branches

View the branches for a GitHub fork and the pull requests associated with them.

860 Custom tokens
861 Text Summary Options

This module provides site builders with additional options for the 'summary' field when using "Text Area with a Summary" widget.

862 CAFile Fetcher

Gets an up-to-date certificate authority bundle to verify certs in tls connections

863 Administration Menu Source

This integrates with the standard Admin Bar where you can specify which menu items should be shown for each role.

Access, Administration, admin_bar, Permissions
864 Views summarize

Displays summaries of the data in a column on the last row.

865 Typogrify

Brings the typographic refinements of Typogrify to Backdrop CMS

Appearance, Editors
866 Easy Social

Adds share buttons for content as blocks or fields.

share, social
867 Redirect Import

Bulk import Redirects from a CSV file.

Administration, Drush, Path Management, SEO, Utility
868 Field default token

Use token values as default values for fields

869 Pseudo Field

This module allows you to render an extra field like a real field with an optional label.

870 Mass password reset

Reset the passwords of all users except the administrative superuser.

Security, user accounts, users
871 SendGrid Integration social
872 Viewport Appearance, developer, Theme Enhancements
873 Image link to file

A formatter for image fields that creates a hyperlink from the image to a file field in the same entity.

Fields, Formatters, Images, User Interface
874 User picture field

Add an image field to user accounts and show it on the user registration form.

Fields, registration, user accounts, users
875 Content Limiter

Provides options for limiting the scope of content for content types.

Administration, Content
876 Spambot

Anti-spam module that uses data from to protect the user registration form against known spammers and spambots.

Spam control
877 CSS Editor

CSS Editor

developer, Theme Enhancements
878 Webform Add More
879 Recipes

Recipes are collections of configuration files to make our lives easier :)

880 FAQ Recipe

A simple config recipe for a Frequently Asked Questions feature

881 Testimonial Recipe

A simple config recipe to add a testimonials feature to your site.

882 Video Hero Block

A hero block that uses a video background (instead of an image)

883 Authmap

Provides the authmap table and functions removed from from Drupal 8.x and inherited by Backdrop Core. This module is often used with other modules providing Single Sign-On (SSO).

884 simpleSAMLphp authentication

The simplesamlphp_auth module makes it possible for Backdrop CMS to support SAML for authentication of users. The module will auto-provision user accounts into Backdrop CMS if you want it to. It can also dynamically assign Backdrop CMS roles based on identity attribute values.

885 Pirate Filter

On International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), this filter changes all appropriate English phrases and words into pirate-speak.

886 Drupal to Backdrop Migrate Data Migration, developer, Utility
887 DownloadFile
888 Sample Animal Content developer, Testing
889 Ubercart Feeds

Ubercart Feed Mappers

Commerce, ecommerce, Ubercart
890 Variable Price

Port of Drupal 7 Ubercart VarPrice module

Commerce, ecommerce, Ubercart
891 IndexNow

Backdrop CMS module for using IndexNow protocol

892 Conditional Content Block

A module that let's you provide different content options for different roles.

blocks, Permissions
893 Reference to EntityReference Field Migration

Migrate References module fields (node and user references) to Entity Reference fields.

Entity, Fields
894 Devel Subthemer

Creates a subtheme from a given base theme.

895 PHP filter No plans to put this on because of security risk. However, there are interesting use cases for this module.
896 Publication Date

The Publication Date module adds a "Published on" date for each node, containing the date when it was first published.

Content, Editors, User Interface
897 Info Tester module. This project is for testing/internal use only.