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1 UC Restrict Quantity

Add a basic quantity restriction to a product in your Ubercart store.

Ubercart, ecommerce
2 Flexslider Paragraphs

Set up Paragraphs items to render in a Flexslider.

Flexslider, Paragraphs
3 Shopify

Integrate and sync your site with a Shopify store.

4 Printer-friendly pages

Generate printer-friendly, PDF, EPub, and/or email versions of site content.

Files, PDF
5 CSV Export

Ubercart CSV export

Files, Ubercart, ecommerce
6 Ubercart: Who Bought What

Ubercart report of who bought specific products.

Ubercart, ecommerce
7 Node Convert Convert, Content, Nodes
8 Translation Access

Allows per-user administrative content access permissions by language (e.g. for translation).

Access, Language, Permissions
9 Taxonomy Access Control

Access control for user roles based on taxonomy categories (vocabulary, terms).

Access, Taxonomy
10 Feeds Tamper

Feeds Tamper provides a small plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved.

11 Pretty Calendar

Simple calendar solution for Backdrop.

Calendar, Dates
12 Replicate UI

Adds a user interface to the Replicate module.

User Interface
13 Ubercart Mini Cart Block

Provides a minimal Ubercart shopping cart block.

14 Editable Views

Create Views where the fields can be edited.

Views, User Interface
15 Maxlength

Maxlength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form making use of the form API. This includes fields created using the UI.

Fields, User Interface
16 Out of stock notification

Display an "out of stock" notification on items in your Backdrop/Ubercart shop.

Ubercart, ecommerce
17 HybridAuth Authentication, social
18 AJAX Comments

Convert comment forms to Ajax.

AJAX, Comments
19 Organic groups

The Organic Groups module provides users the ability to create, manage, and delete 'groups' on a site.

Access, Content, users, Workflow
20 Timezone Detect

Auto-detect and set user timezones in Backdrop.

Timezone, Regional, Localization
21 Picture

Map breakpoints and image styles.

22 CiviCRM Cron

Use Backdrop's cron to call CiviCRM's cron.

CiviCRM, developer, Cron
23 Jitsi Meet field

Easily add Jitsi Meet video conferences to Backdrop CMS.

Video, Jitsi
24 Resave Nodes

Resave content on your Backdrop site.

25 User protect

Allow fine-grained access control of user accounts by providing various account editing protections.

user accounts, users, Security
26 Empty Repo
27 Webform Calculator

Provides a 'formula' webform component for computed values.

28 Delete All

Admin tool to bulk delete content, taxonomy terms, and users.

Content, Administration
29 CiviCRM Group Nodes

Sync contacts in a CiviCRM group to Backdrop nodes.

CiviCRM, Nodes
30 Classy Paragraphs Paragraphs
31 Views Accordion

Views Accordion provides a "jQuery UI Accordion" display style plugin for the Views module.

32 Replicate Paragraphs

Manage the cloning of paragraphs_item entities and fields.

33 Custom Contextual Links

Add your own links to the contextual drop down widgets of blocks, views and nodes.

Contextual Links, User Interface
34 CiviCRM Blocks

Insert a CiviCRM Contribution page into a Backdrop Layout via a block.

CiviCRM, Blocks
35 Content Type Clone

Allow cloning a content type (including fields).

Content Types, Duplication
36 Image Link Formatter
37 IP Geolocation Views & Maps

IP Geolocation Views & Maps for Backdrop CMS.

38 User Import

Import users to Backdrop from a CSV

user accounts, Import
39 Webform Registration

Allow Webforms to register users

Webform, Registration, User accounts
40 Jarallax - Just Another Parallax plugin

Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images.

Parallax, User Interface
41 Prepopulate

Allows fields in most forms to be pre-populated from the $_REQUEST variable.

Fields, UX
42 Paragraphs Mapper

Allows Feeds to import content to Paragraphs' fields.

Paragraphs, Fields
43 Replicate

Provides an API to duplicate / clone an entity.

Entity, Duplication
44 jQuery.RSS Block

Use jQuery.RSS in a block to pull an RSS feed onto your Backdrop layout.

45 CiviCRM Fields

Add fields that allow insertion of CiviCRM Contribution or Event Registration pages into Backdrop.

CiviCRM, Fields
46 Pannellum

A simple implementation of the Pannellum panoramic viewer.

47 ZURB: TwentyTwenty

Highlight the differences between two images with this ZURB TwentyTwenty field formatter for Backdrop.

48 Simple hierarchical select

Defines a new form widget for taxonomy fields to select a term by "browsing" through the vocabulary hierarchy, also available in node forms and as Views exposed filter.

49 Better Search Block

Tweak the default Backdrop search block with CSS animations

Appearance, blocks, Search, Theme Enhancements
50 Backdrop upgrade status

Checks to see if the installed modules on a Drupal 7 site are ready for upgrade to Backdrop CMS.